What can you expect?

  • Allow yourself to spend at least 2,5 hours for this experience.
  • One person at a time, or you alone, receive(s) a liberating & clarifying coaching session.
  • Then you go on a walk through the beautiful natural surroundings to process the discoveries about yourself you experienced during your Trip to Freedom.
  • The conversation takes place inside the Global Soul Travel Coach, my very spacious, special consulting-room on wheels, as you see below. It's an old Volkswagen LT 28.
  • If you are with a group: while one is enjoying the Trip to Freedom, the others can enjoy each others company and the natural surrounings where the Trip takes place.
  • A standard session takes between 1 and 1,5 hours, or about 45 minutes when there are more than 5 participants.
  • If that is not enough and you feel you could use of this, we can plan an extra coaching session afterwards.
  • You'll recieve a soulful drink (no drugs).
  • After the session you'll have a clearer insight in yourself and your greatest challenge.

In this short but moving conversation, you are escorted to your own dreams and desires, and then brought back to your everyday reality, as if nothing has happened...

...but then again, afterwards you’ll have gained a clearer insight in yourself and in how you can start taking the next step in your personal development. Therefor the stroll through nature afterwards to process your experience in peaceful surroundings, is essential.


  • You can be picked up where you are and then we go to a quiet, natural spot where you can experience a Trip to Freedom.
  • My van can take a maximum of 7 persons.
  • You can also meet me on the acerted spot where I'll be present when you arrive.
  • I can come to an event or party and offer Trips to Freedom on the spot. It would be a good example if the one who is inviting me, will experience a Trip him/herself.
  • If you'd like a follow up after this experience you can always contact me for further coaching.
  • There are many more possibilities to organize a Trip to Freedom so it fits to your idea or circumstances, so just contact me if you are interested.

Does it appeal to you?



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