Where will the Trip take place?

I'm based in Utrecht, in the heart of the Netherlands. It's an ancient city:

the smaller version of Amsterdam, and certainly worth a visit.

The Trip to Freedom normally takes place in a nature park 4 km east of Utrecht, in De Bilt called: Landgoed Beerschoten. The two options are that you go there by own means of transport, or you come to my place on the Biltstraat in Utrecht, and we drive there together in the camper-van.


After the 1½ hour conversation in this mobile consulting-room, you'll make a walk through nature to process the Trip to Freedom, your newly found perspective on yourself. We can do that together if you like. In that case, after this 1½ hour bushwalk, I'll drive you back to Utrecht. If you want to do this bush walk alone (with a map), I'll explain where you can take public transport back into Utrecht afterwards.

Or if you like to do your Trip to Freedom elsewhere, I can come to pick you up wherever you are, and we can go to your favorite spot nearby. This option is more costly, depending on where it will take place.


  • You (with a group of max 8 people) can be collected on a meeting-point, after which we drive to a suitable spot nearby.
  • I can come to the spot of your choice, where you are already present.
  • If you organize an outdoor meeting with many people or a festival, you can arrange my presence. Contact me to see if I'm available.
  • If you are living far away but would love to do a Trip to Freedom, just get in touch with me to see if we can arrange something.

For more information or to book your Trip,

send an e-mail to: stef@globalsoul.nl


Tel: +31-6-18183028