Are you ready for a clarifying experience of yourself?

Then take a Trip to Freedom!

unique    universal   extraordinary

very personal      deep

simplifying     relieving    freeing

life-changing    and foremost:  very clarifying

What a great present!

Just to name a few of the associations that have been expressed

about the Trip to Freedom over the years.

The Trip has had great significance to very different people

throughout Europe and Africa.


This unique travel-experience inside your mind includes an individual coaching session

inside the Global Soul Travel Coach, or on a poncho in natural surroundings,

and a walk through nature to process your discoveries.

Give a Trip to Freedom as a present to a good friend,

or treat yourself to it,

alone, with your lover, family, friends or collegues

Present location: Netherlands

What is a Trip to Freedom?

Tel: +31-6-30117320